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    This is a violent future sport where gentleman don't finish last - they don't finish at all! Check twitter for the latest happenings on Solanaball.

    24/04/23 - Solanaball NFTs are still available!


    3/10/22 - Solanaball is not selling well but we're still here. We think they're so cool!


    5/5/22 - Solanaball Season 2 cards are live and verified by SOLSEA


    4/2/22 - Solanaball season 2 cards are being worked through, this time with a NEON feel. Further, the mini story book will be available via AMAZON in the near future. Did you like Speedball or Slamball on the Amiga? This is a tribute to both! AVAILABLE LATE FEB 2022.


    12/12/21 - Solanaball has been verified for about a week now - go and buy one if you like them. They're priced from 0.25 SOL and that is, frankly, a bargain!


    5/12/21 NEWS - I have decided to sell only 2 NFTs from season 1 rather than the planned 10. So now they're just 2 of a kind! Far more rare making them very collectable! I may release new versions (different colours etc) in the future but the cards published in season one are unique and 2 of a kind forever.


    1/12/21 NEWS - Congrats to @Aksh2810 for winning Peggy 3D, one of the stars of Solanaball. This is my second NFT giveaway! See my twitter for more details.


    13/11/21 NEWS - Congrats to @ajad543211 for winning a random NFT giveaway! 1st Edition Ziggy 3D is gone! Congrats! There's another give away 1/12/21 !!! See my twitter for more details.


    Solanaball is a fictional sport created by screenwriter and author David Hearne. Here you can find the link to SolSea to buy official Solanaball NFTs and much more. These NFTs are hand-drawn and very rare, only 2 of a kind for season 1 and ... wait for it, 1 of a kind for Season 2 cards! Stories to support these NFTs and the fictional sport of Solanaball will be released during 2022 and beyond, available from Amazon.com and others soon.


    In the year 2279, Solanaball is King. The rules of the sport are simple. It's like rugby league except a power glove lets you pull the ball toward you and push it to pass. To score a goal (worth five points), one must aim the ball at the aeromar, a narrow slot suspended twenty metres above the centre of the end goal line. If you score, you get to add extra points via a kick (worth one point). A section of the glove contains the triameter, which holds the small ball securely while the magnetic pulse within the triameter both attracts the ball and keeps it safe. Only a heavy blow can knock the ball loose. Sensor pads throughout the club uniforms meant that a blow or jolt to any part of the body will register, so the glove-arm doesn't have to be specifically targeted.


    Sensor pads were introduced soon after the sport’s conception, the removal of a player’s arm from his socket ringing alarm bells with the Solanaball governing committee.

    However, there are not many other rules on the field - tackles are fine so long as you're not bashing the other player. Human, Catalot (think cat), Tharnian (think angry cat), Canineth (think dog), Vucemar (think snake) or Birdeele (think bird) are just some of the species to take to the field.


    For more details, jump to the below link 'Solanaball - the story' to read all about a home game to the Renegades, taking on the Vipers.


    With the rich worlds and aliens written about in David Hearne's novels, there's going to be plenty to come, including original content written just for Solanaball.



    Entered Solanaball in 2250

    Known for their fairness.


    2279 roster - Captain and kicker, Lawler.


    The forwards: Ziggy, Mr. Snow, Frank the Tank and Scarecrow.


    The backs: Hubris and Fritz.


    The runners: Nation and Daneel.


    The centres: Braybrook, Caswell, and Woakes.”


    Entered Solanaball in 2250

    Known to bend the rules. Their is no 'spirit of the game' with the Vipers, only winners and losers.


    2279 roster - Captain and kicker, Jayne.


    The forwards: Crichton, Sheridan, Carlos, and Hobbs.


    The backs: Dakota and Peach.


    The runners: Darrow and Peggy.


    The centres: Dicks, Miguel, and Clearwater.

  • Season 1 cards


    "There are 2 2-D and 2 3-D cards to collect. Only 2 of each card will ever be minted. This was planned to be 10 but now it's only 2. Some are already gone forever!"


    UPDATE: 5/12/21 SEASON 1 cards Dropped AND VERIFIED. ONLY 2 of each card will ever be available.

  • Season 2 cards ARE HERE!

    Solanaball Season 2 cards are live - just waiting on verification from SolSea now!
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